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History Shows Us What's Possible

Want to understand yourself and other people a little better? Figure out why things don’t always work out the way you want them to? Make a positive difference and create a better tomorrow?

History & Shakespeare: looking to the past for a better future.

History gives us fun and jokes and spies and people who did amazingly good and amazingly bad things. Shakespeare puts in all in words (a bunch of which he made up or made popular). Ideas about how to understand people and understand yourself, about how to make great decisions and recover from bad ones. Stories about love and hate and families and power and trust and how to blow it all up. And what you can do to leave a positive legacy.

What's happening right now? 

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Two paths to explore:



History and Today

What is history? Not just lists of dates and battles and victories and defeats. It’s an exploration of people and their decisions.  It’s about who we are today and where we came from and where we’re going. It’s about figuring out who gets remembered and who doesn’t and why. It’s about making connections, about the present speaking with the past and asking questions about the future. It’s about what changes and what doesn’t, and maybe what should.

The way we think and speak about history, the choices we make about which stories to tell and which voices to amplify, can make all the difference. It shapes the way we live today and the future we create for tomorrow. History shows us what’s possible.

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Leadership through History

Do you feel like everything is changing? The workplace is changing, with people in the office and people at home and people at a “remote” location that could be everywhere. Meetings are  changing, with debates about online or in-person or hybrid. Technology is changing, with updates and overhauls coming at the worst possible time. Get the latest, it must be the greatest! Get the new, it must be improved!

What if instead we stop chasing and take a deep breath and choose of focus on what doesn’t change—what remains, what we can count on, what is timeless.

Times change. Leadership principles don’t. You can put hundreds of years of leadership success to work for you.

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