Leadership-Focused Programs

It sometimes feels like everything is changing. Leaders have to deliver bad news or build a strong team or win over the naysayers in new ways to new workers in new environments. Right?

Imagine labor shortages, rising prices, international chaos, religious extremism, shifting supply chains, and changes in communication that turn trade and the economy upside down. It was the same 400 years ago. Shakespeare lived in a world where leaders learned how to navigate a complex world, inspire the people around them, and create the future. If you want to improve personal leadership, or leadership in your community or workplace, his stories, his characters and his words can show you how.

Popular programs include:

  • Timeless Leaders: Navigating Change
  • From Hybrid Workplaces to Zoom Meetings: How to Motivate Your “Band of Brothers”
  • Brevity, Wit, and Forsooth: Say It Like Shakespeare
  • A Politician, A Rock Band, and an Internet Sensation Walked Into a Boardroom: The Power of Your First Words


What attendees had to say...

"Very positive, knowledgeable, and personal speaker. Great!"

"The speaker was great! Very energetic and kept the training moving forward."

"She was bright, engaging, and accessible."

"She was fantastic! I had such a busy work day planned that I really wasn’t looking forward to the workshop, but now I’m so glad I participated."

"Engaging, effective workshop leader. Good balance of interactive activities and presentation."

"Dynamic presentation! Kept it interesting and fun. The presenter is full of knowledge and added a lot of extras to the presentation. I can’t say enough good about her."

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