The Tudors by the Numbers provides a statistical approach to looking at the dynasty we think we know so well.

The Tudors by Numbers is a fresh look at a well-known dynasty — through its numbers. Take a new look at old friends by learning the complicated path to 1 possible king symbolized by 1 rose, viewing the extraordinary 42 percent of the dynasty under the rule of 2 women, and considering the impact of 4 English language translations of the Bible printed in England.

The Tudors by Numbers takes you behind the scenes through a different path and reveals new ways of seeing the Tudors.

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The most important moments in life involve big decisions, big events, and big opportunities--and those involve other people. 

Relationships make our lives work, and as it turns out, they improve our health and happiness as well. When we have good ones, they help pick us up when we stumble and fall, but they don't just happen. 

Carol Ann Lloyd-Stanger, who has built a career helping people build personal and professional relationships that create success, shares steps and strategies so you can: 

- start conversations that lead to meaningful relationships;
- take a positive approach to the people in your life;
- listen effectively and understand others and their ideas;
- adapt your conversation style to increase connections; and
- manage difficult conversations to achieve positive outcomes. 

Any conversation can be the one that changes everything, but you need to know how to navigate them. Take the first step to enjoying game-changing relationships and build the life you want--one conversation at a time. 

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We have conversations every day, but how many of those can be considered effective? The right conversation can help establish strong relationships, solve problems, create new opportunities, and build communities. The right conversation can change everything.

But how does one prepare to have a conversation in an effective way?

In 10 lectures for self-development, professional communications coach and speaker Carol Ann Lloyd teaches the best ways to communicate and listen, including how to focus on understanding, how to overcome barriers and distractions, and how to clarify intentions. When listeners step back to hear what makes conversations successful, they will learn that each component of a conversation is a piece of a larger puzzle, which only fits together when thoughtfully considered and executed.

Conversations that matter take effort, and every conversation can be R.E.A.L. (Relevant, Effective, Affirming, Legitimate.) Carol Ann Lloyd also shares the three pitfalls in tough conversations and shows how to avoid them. By the end of this course, listeners will have a new understanding of the way people communicate. What’s more, they’ll develop the confidence to live the life they want to live—one conversation at a time.



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"Terrific! Excellent presentation, delivered in very professional way and very entertaining. Hope Carol Ann teaches more courses here. I’ll attend anything she teaches."

"Carol Ann’s comprehensive knowledge of the subject, side lights on subject, and presentation skills are excellent."

"Carol Ann made this interesting and fun! She has a good sense of humor. I will attend anything she offers!"

"She is so animated an engaging. She made us all want to know more. Marvelous delivery!"

"She’s super knowledgeable and a great communicator. She makes learning delightful!"

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