History-Focused Programs

Carol Ann offers programs about British history that take us into the worlds of people living in ways that are not so different from ours after all. By focusing on stories that don’t always make the school history books, these talks open windows into understanding the past, how people lived and loved and made decisions and took care of families and fought and won and lost and survived. 

Popular programs include:

  • Finding Women's Voices: Why Her Story Matters
  • The Tudors by Numbers: Fascinating Statistics and Stories of the World's Most Infamous Royal Dynasty
  • What We Don’t Know about The Six Wives of Henry VIII
  • Beyond the Battlefield: Passions and Personalities of the Wars of the Roses
  • Decoding the Royal Wardrobe: What Fashion Statements are Really Saying


What attendees had to say...

"She made the Tudors as engaging as a celebrity TV show!"

"Terrific! Excellent presentation, delivered in very professional way and very entertaining. Hope Carol Ann teaches more courses here. I’ll attend anything she teaches."

"Carol Ann’s comprehensive knowledge of the subject, side lights on subject, and presentation skills are excellent."

"Carol Ann made this interesting and fun! She has a good sense of humor. I will attend anything she offers!"

"She is so animated an engaging. She made us all want to know more. Marvelous delivery!"

"She’s super knowledgeable and a great communicator. She makes learning delightful!"

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